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Trek Cordillera Huayhuash (11 Days)

Maximum altitude Huayhuash Trek: 5,050 m.s.n.m (step Cuyoc)
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
Duration: 11 days.
Recommended season: April- September.
Location: Cordillera Huayhuash -Perú
Starting Point Expedition: Huaraz
Places to Visit: Cordillera de los Andes -Perú
Type: Adventure, Nature, Ecological.
Tº Expedition. : On the day: + 13ºC to + 23ºC
: Overnight: - 4 ° C to -6 ° C

Acclimatization Trekking Optional:
• Laguna Llanganuco (1 day)
• Pasto Ruri (1 day)
• Laguna 69 (1 day)
• Tours Chavin (1 day)


Arrival in Lima Place of Origin Departure by bus from Lima to Huaraz.
Departure from Lima - Huaraz Bus Terminal "Movil Tours"
Reception at bus terminal and transfer to the hostel in Huaraz. Our representative "Huayhuash Tours" will inform you about the itinerary Trekking Cordillera Huayhuash Peru.

1st día.Huaraz - Chiquian - Pocpa - Cuartelhuain (3900m).
Walk 6 -7 hours. We leave Huaraz bound Chiquian City. (3400) Pocpa
(3250) where we expect the donkeys and mule driver who will then take our staff and luggage camp to begin the walk at 11:00 am from Pocpa (3250) to Cuartelhuain. (3900). the first summits like Ninashanca observed. On the way we pass the picturesque village as Paclla. Cuartelhuain arrival at the camp.

The 2nd día.Cuartelhuain (3900m) -Laguna of Mitococha. (4100m).
Walk 5 to 6 hours. the first step of Cacananpunta (4700). some snow as Ninashanca, Rondoy, the lakes of Pucacocha, Yanacocha Chico and Grande. Then we descend to camp Mitococha the snowy Rondoy and Hirishanca.

3rd día.Laguna of Mitococha (4100m) - Laguna de Carhuacocha (4138m).
Walk 5- 6 hours. the second step of Punta Carhuac (4650) is passed. Descent through the ravine to our camp in Carhuacocha. Panoramic view of the Shirishanca, Yerupaja, Toro snow, etc.

Día.Lagunade the 4th Carhuacocha (4138m) - Step Butcher 4750- Huayhuash (4100m).
Walk 6 to 7 hours. the third step of Butcher (4600). Butcher descent into the lagoon. We see the snowy peaks, Butcher and Trapeze.

The 5th día.Huayhuash (4100m) -Laguna Viconga (4407m).
Walk 5 to 6 hours. the fourth step of Portachuelo (4750). Puscanturpa snow-capped, part of the Cordillera Cuyoc Raura, and. Arrive at our camp in Viconga (4300). Afternoon to take a bath in the medicinal hot springs

Día.Laguna the 6th Viconga (4407) - Step Cuyoc (5050) Elephant Pampa (3900m).
Walk 5 to 6 hours. This day Cuyoc the fifth step (5050) is passed. The highest of the entire circuit. Elephant descent to the camp Pampa.

Día.Pampa the 7th Elephant (3900m) -MiradorSan Antonio (5000) - Cutatambo
Walk 5 to 6 hours. Leaving the camp we will go to Mirador San Antonio, where we will see a beautiful view of the Cordillera Huayhuash, we will be broken down by the Cutatambo

8th day. Cutatambo-Huayllapa (3600m)
Walk 5 to 6 hours. Leaving Cutatambo we head to the town of Huayllapa where we will have contact with children, electricity, telephone line

The 9th día.Huayllapa (3600m) - Punta Tapush (4700m) -Gashpapampa (4400 m.)
Walk 6 to 7 hours. This day we will go to step Tapush. Where the snowy inponente the Diablo Mudo is observed.

10th day Gashpapampa (4400 m) Step Yauchi 4680m-Jahuacocha
Walk 6 to 7 hours. This day we will go to step Yauchi. Where we descend the ravine where we will observe part Haucrish Glacier Shirishanca and Yerupaja. Arrival at Laguna Jahuacocha, camp

OPCION.Este day there is the possibility of promotion to the Diablo Mudo staff who have the experience of high mountains 5450 meters from where a magnificent view of the Huayhuash mountain range is observed and then desendemos to the lagoon campamenta Jahuacocha 10 to 12 hours approx.

11th día.Día rest in the Laguna de Jahuacocha (4066m).
Day of rest and typical lunch courtesy HUAYHUASH TOURS travel agency and tour Solteracocha lagoon.

Día.Laguna 12th Jahuacocha (4066m) - Llamac (3250m) -Huaraz
Walk approx 5 to 6 hours. the last step of Pampa Llamac (4300). We observe last part of the snowy peaks of the Cordillera Huayhuash, reaching Llamac where we expect the bus company "Huayhuash Tours" to refer us back to Chiquian and Huaraz will travel the same path by which we began our trip departure from Huaraz - Lima (bus).

Transfer from the hotel to the bus terminal "Movil Tours" and exit of Huaraz
Departure time you. They can be programmed as it can be morning or night,
Tomorrow 11:00 a.m. shift.
Night shift 10:30 pm.
Reception at the bus terminal transfer to the hotel reserved for us in Lima.
The price of the Expedition Includes.

  • Reception and transfer to the bus Terminal Hotel Terminal.
  • 02 nights hotel in Lima with breakfast.
  • 02 Nights of Hotel in Huaraz, with breakfast.
  • Walk Guide Certificate and specialized.
  • First aid kit.
  • Oxygen.
  • Camping equipment (Tent Camping 2 stations)
  • Kitchen equipment (dining tent, chairs, tables, lamp, bathroom and kitchen)
  • Personalized attention of "HuayhuashTours"
  • Drover to take charge in leading the donkeys.
  • Camp donkeys to transport equipment
  • Donkeys to transport the personal equipment (recommended 15kg. Per person)
  • Land Private transport Huaraz / Pocpa / Llamac / Huaraz.
  • 1 emergency horse with chairs.
  • Specialized Cook Vegetarian Food Normal.
  • If the group is more than 8 members include 1 Assistant kitchen
  • Food while this in the expedition (breakfast, lunch, dinner)


You are responsible for:

  • Food and drink within the city.
  • Entrance to the Huayhuash National Park.
  • Extra days of lodging in advance delayed arrival or departure.
  • Sleeping bag. (Preferably 14 ° C).
  • Pad
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