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Trekking Cedros Alpamayo Quebrada Ulta Cordillera Blanca

Maximum altitude Cedros Alpamayo Trek: 4,860 m.s.n.m (Step Scoruri).
Route Expedition Trek: Hualcallan - Q. Ulta
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.
Duration: 11 days.
Recommended time: April - September.
Location: Cordillera Blanca- Peru.
Starting Point Expedition: Huaraz -Ancash - Peru - South America.
Places to Visit: Huascaran National Park
Type: Adventure, Nature, Ecological, Cultural.

Acclimatization Trekking Optional:
• Pasto Ruri (1 day)
• Laguna Churup (1 day)


Reception at bus terminal and transfer to the hotel reserved by us in Huaraz, this day the representative of "Huyhuas Tours" (Guide walk) is informing them about the final details of the expedition Trekking Cedros Alpamayo Quebrada Ulta Cordillera Blanca Huaraz. As well as organization of mountain equipment for our trekking expedition.

1st día.Huaraz Hualcallan (3140m) - Wishcash (4050m).
Pick up from hotel, departure by private transport bound for the northern part of Huaraz, we drive to the village of Hualcayán, where are the archaeological remains Pre Inca of the same name, in this town also expects us muleteer and donkeys who be in charge of transferring the camping equipment and personnel, we will leave Hualcayan a path goes upward, but the view is increasingly impressive of the Black mountains and the Santa river bottom. This day we stay in Wishcash.

The 2nd día.Wishcash (4050m) -Osorurish (4600m).
We left very early to see the lagoons of Yanacocha and lagoon Cullicocha with the snowy Impress Santa Cruz (6259 m.s.n.m) background. Continuing the way we arrive at the passage of Osorurish (4,850 m.s.n.m) from where we have a view of Mount Milluacocha (5,480 m.s.n.m) Camp in Osorurish.

3rd día.Osorurish (4600m) - Jancarurish (4250m).
After crossing the top of Alpamayo (4,750 m.s.n.m), we descend to the village of Alpamayo.
After a break we continue the way up to Jancarurish, where we will enjoy views of the Jancarurish (5,601 m.s.n.m) and Alpamayo (5,947 m.s.n.m) snow.

Día.1 the 4th day of rest.
We will make a short visit to the lagoon and Jancarurish base Quitaraju field.

The 5th día.Jancarurish (4250m) - Huillca (4000m).
After leaving the Alpamayo ravine and crossing the pass of Cara Cara (4,850 m), panoramic view of snowcapped the Tayapampa (5675 m), Pilanco (5,300 meters) and Pucajirca Norte (6046 m) peaks, descending see gaps Safuna (4,247msnm)

The 6th día.Huillca (4000m) - Yeguacorral (3600m).
This day will pass Coyota (4,360 m.s.n.m) to see Grampayoc and Millpo lagoons, then pass by the open Ventanilla (4,250 m.s.n.m) until Yeguacorral camp.

The 7th día.Yeguacorral (3600m) -Quisuar (3800m).
Early in the morning we will take the ravine Jancapampa to reach the village of Pishgopampa and ascend to the passage of Tupatupa (4,360 m.s.n.m) view of the snowy Taulliraju (5830 m.s.n.m), then continue along the ravine Tuctubamba to Quisuar camp.

The 8th día.Quisuar (3800m) - Hishcash (4200m).
We leave the high-pass Pucaraju (4,640 m.s.n.m), from this point we will have an excellent view of the creek and Taulliraju Huaripampa and Pucaraju (5,025 m.s.n.m) Huishcash snowy camp.

Dia.Hishcash the 9th Tuctupampa - Colcabamba - Molinopampa.
Route along the valley, picturesque villages like Huaripampa observed, Colcabamba
spectacular view of Chacraraju and arrive at our camp Molinopampa.

10th dia.Molinopampa - Col de Yanayacu (4850 m) - Laguna Yanayacu.
This day will vensiendo Punta Yanayacu Pass, where we will have a beautiful view of the snowy Cajavilca, Contrayervas, Ulta and Hualcan, Contrahierbas, we desendiendo to Camp Laguna Yanayacu.

Dia.Quebrada 11th Ulta (4000m) - Transport Huaraz.

This last day in the morning we will desendiendo by the Quebrada Ulta to reach the place called crossing Chacas, where we expect the bus "Huayshash Tours" to move to Carhuaz and Huaraz.

The price of the Expedition Includes:

• Reception and transfer to the bus terminal Hotel - terminal.
• 02 nights hotel in Lima.
• 02 Nights of Hotel in Huaraz, with breakfast.
• Walk Specialized Guide (Glosbe).
• First aid kit.
• Oxygen.
• Camping equipment (Tent of 2p.)
• Kitchen equipment (dining tent, bathroom, chairs, tables, lamps and cooking utensils)
• Personalized attention of "Huayhush Tours".
• Drover to take care in driving donkeys.
• Donkeys to transport the camping equipment.
• Donkeys to transport the personal equipment (recommended 15kg. Per person).
• A horse for emergency.
• Land Private transport Huaraz / Hualcayan.
• Private Land transport Quebrada Ulta / Huaraz.
• specialized normal food and vegetarian cook
• Food while this in the expedition (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

You are responsible for:

• Food and drink within the city.
• Entrance to the Huascaran National Park.
• Extra days of lodging in advance delayed arrival or departure.
• Pad.
• Sleeping bag. (Preferably 14 ° C)

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